Opal Peach Bouquet

330 QAR

Opal Peach Bouquet is the best Rose Bouquet provided by Azaher Store suitable for people with a delicate feel, It is an excellent option if you choose it for your wedding to be the bouquet of the gorgeous-looking bride as it presented in elegant and more than premium packaging.

Information about Opal Peach Bouquet

  • It contains 17 Beach roses with a number of Gesophilia sticks.
  • This Peach Bouquet is presented with an elegant roll that everyone who sees it admires.
  • This bouquet of amazing roses is convenient to present as a gift on many occasions, as examples: Celebrations of marriage, engagement, success, and graduation ceremonies, and birthday gifts,
Opal Peach Bouquet


Features of Opal Peach Bouquet

  • A beautiful rose bouquet that has a stylish, cool look and is available at a premium price.
  • The bouquet features a beautiful color Peach roses with white gesophilia sticks.
  • Opal Peach bouquet is characterized by offering you with a distinctive tie; so it is able to attract the attention of everyone who sees it and immediately admires it.
  • It is the best option ever for use by a bride in the night of life.
  • If you want extra sparkle then you can offer a rose bouquet with delicious chocolate.
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باقة الأوبال بيتشOpal Peach Bouquet
330 QAR
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