Pink roses bouquet

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Pink roses bouquet contains some natural roses, it is characterized by beautiful pink color. It hijacks the eye with its beauty and distinctive smell and is one of the great bouquets that can be offered as a gift on many occasions.

Information about pink roses bouquet

  • Pink roses bouquet consists of 50 roses
  • The bouquet comes in distinctive and attractive packaging.
  • The bouquet contains natural roses with a great and refreshing smell.
  • Rose bouquet can be presented as a gift on many occasions.
  • A rose bouquet is one of the best and most beautiful gifts a person can give to a loved one

Features of pink roses bouquet

  • Pink roses bouquet features that it contains roses that features the beautiful and simple pink color.
  • This bouquet is considered as average bouquet therefore it contains 50 roses.
  • Pink roses bouquet from Azaher store features that consists of normal roses with attractive smell as well as distinctive packaging.
  • Rose bouquets features its appropriate size, which you can increase as you like, as well as the appropriate prices provided by the store.
  • The pink rose bouquet is one of the favourite bouquets for many girls specifically.


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Pink roses bouquetPink roses bouquet
750 QAR
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