Red Amber Bouquet

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Red Amber Bouquet is one of the most beautiful rose packages of all time; This is because it has an elegant appearance where it has a natural red jouri rose with a fragrant scent, It is a perfectly convenient gift on every occasion as it signifies a high level of beautiful emotion.

Information about Red Amber Bouquet

  • The bouquet is made up of 26 roses of natural red roses that have a beautiful smell and attractive shape.
  • It comes in a golden mesh-shaped packaging.
  • It can be presented as a gift on marriage occasions, engagement ceremonies, graduation parties and congratulations on returning from travel and home visits to family or friends.

Features of Red Amber Bouquet

  • The bouquet is characterized by its exquisite natural red colour and fragrant smell; so it’s one of the most beautiful bouquets of roses.
  • The bouquet features a great packaging that has added a lot of elegance and sophistication.
  • The bouquet features a suitable size and its price that you won’t find in any other store.
  • This bouquet is one of the finest and most beautiful gifts; This is because it is a favourite of many girls where it helps to feel happy and gives positive energy.
  • If you are a Red Rose enthusiast, choose the distinctive and different Red Amber Bouquet provided by the Azaher store where it is considered the most purchased bouquet.
  • Don’t think about other gifts, this bouquet is one of the best gifts that suits girls’ tastes. Choose it with a box of chocolate and you’ll get a unique and different gift.


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470 QAR
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