Turquoise Pink Rose with vase

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Turquoise Pink Rose with vase, Azaher store offers the most beautiful transparent glass rose vase that contains Pink Roses features simplicity and elegance. Natural roses are one of the things many prefer because they give a positive atmosphere and improve mood.

Information about Turquoise Pink Rose with vase

  • The vase contains 10 fluffy and quiet Pink Roses.
  • Glass Rose Vase is a refined gift for parents and people coming from travel or on visits where it has a stylish and attractive appearance.
  • It can be placed on the table in any room that may give you joy and optimism.
  • Elegant transparent glass vase with suitable length and size.

Features of Turquoise Pink Rose with vase

  • Roses have a soft texture and a refreshing smell that always makes you feel a positive energy and improves your psychological condition.
  • It has a stylish appearance and great pink color with a refreshing scent that cannot be resisted which helps improve a person’s psychological and health condition.
  • The vase has the finest and best roses with its great colour that helps spread joy and happiness in the place.
  • Glass Rose Vase is one of the best gifts that corresponds to the owners of good taste and natural rose lovers.



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Turquoise Pink Rose VaseTurquoise Pink Rose with vase
220 ر.ق
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