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Simple pink bouquet of roses


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Simple pink bouquet of roses


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The simple pink bouquet is one of the distinctive rose bouquets because it contains natural roses that are characterized by a fragrant scent, In addition, the color of the pink roses.

About Pink Simple Package

  • The bouquet includes 11 roses of the natural roses.
  • The simple pink baqa expresses tenderness and beauty as the pink color embraces the green in the branches.
  • The most beautiful

    bouquet of roses

    has been wrapped in an elegant and distinctive way in pink color, which gives it more beauty.
  • You can present this special package as a gift to your wife, sweetheart, fiancée or even your beautiful friends, It will definitely make the person happy and feel affection and love from you.

Features of the Pink Simple Package

  • This bouquet has a very elegant and distinctive shape that makes it a great gift.
  • It is characterized by containing roses, which are known for their fragrant and long-lasting scent.
  • The most beautiful bouquet of roses is characterized by the fact that it consists of natural roses with a pink color.
  • This bouquet is one of the

    new flower bouquets

    in the Azahir store and is characterized by a great price.
  • Pink roses are one of the most beautiful plants that give hope and optimism.



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Simple pink bouquet of roses