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Red Garnet Package


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Red Garnet Package


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The red garnet bouquet is one of the best natural flower bouquets that reflect the meanings of romance and affection between loved ones, so it is a more than wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day, engagement occasions and the annual wedding anniversary.

About Garnet Red Package

Red Garnet package from Azahir store

  • The bouquet

    consists of natural red roses

    with a more pleasant aroma and shape.

  • The package comes very elegantly wrapped, Coated in black paper with black mesh overlap and red tie.
  • This bouquet consists of 9 red roses with a number of small red flowers that add a stunning aesthetic touch to the bouquet.
  • The bouquet can be presented with an elegant watch or a box of chocolates on various occasions.

Features of the Red Garnet package

  • The bouquet has an elegant look and is different from the traditional packages, which makes it a gift suitable for all tastes.
  • The bouquet features wonderful flowers that give you a fresh scent and a wonderful feeling because it is one of the bouquets of natural roses.
  • The package is of a suitable size, and if you present it with another gift or alone, it will be elegant and elegant in both cases.
  • If you are looking for a special gift to give to your wife or girlfriend, the Red Garnet package is an ideal and different option from other packages.
  • It can be easily ordered from
    the Azahir store
    while you are in your place and it will reach you within a short time.
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Red Garnet Package