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Liver Garnet Bouquet


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Liver Garnet Bouquet


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A red liver garnet bouquet of 28 red roses is the best choice as an elegant and valuable gift for your wife or friend, Many women prefer red bouquets, where you find a lot of expressions of friendliness and romance.

About Liver Garnet Package

  • The bouquet consists of red roses and includes 28 roses.
  • The package includes exquisite gypsophilia sticks.
  • Elegant bouquet packaging combines light and dark gray with a luxurious black tie.
  • It consists of natural roses and does not contain artificial flowers, which is what makes this bouquet look different from other bouquets.
  • The package is suitable for serving on different occasions such as: Celebrate engagement, marriage, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, congratulations on success or visits.

Features of the liver garnet package from Azahir store

  • A bouquet of red roses is characterized by the fact that the roses are natural, which makes the


    last long even in winter without withering or affecting its splendor and beauty.
  • The package is characterized by an affordable price and size and you will not need to present it with another gift, as it is enough to make a person feel joy and happiness.
  • It is an elegant gift that suits all different tastes and this is what always makes it an ideal choice on occasions that make you confused about choosing gifts.
  • This bouquet is not just an enveloping rose but has an elegant look that always attracts the girls and ladies to whom the
    is gifted.



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Liver Garnet Bouquet