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Red Rose Box with Ferraro Rocher


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Red Rose Box with Ferraro Rocher


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Gradient red rose box with Ferraro Rocher Azahir store offers the best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day, as it combines the most beautiful roses with Ferraro Rocher chocolate, which is loved by many people, This package is very stylish and at an affordable price.

Information on Red Rose Box with Ferraro Rocher

  • The box has 16 natural
    red roses
    with some spectacular green branches.
  • The rose comes in a luxurious white tiered box with some exquisite Ferrero Rocher chocolate bars.
  • This wonderful box can be gifted to your wife or on the occasion of an engagement, birthday or Valentine’s Day, it is one of the elegant and valuable gifts.
  • Stylish box and a suitable size.

Features of the red rose box with Ferraro Rocher

  • This box is characterized by the fact that it includes natural and attractive roses that give a wonderful look that captures hearts and eyes.
  • The best and finest chocolate “Ferrero Rocher” has been selected, which adds an irresistible touch and great taste to the bouquet.
  • The box has a very wonderful and elegant appearance with a wonderful smell that helps improve mood and emits positive energy.
  • A bouquet

    of natural roses with chocolate is one of the finest gifts on Valentine’s Day, engagement occasions and birthdays, which differ from other traditional bouquets.

  • Get now the wonderful

    red rose box

    from Azahir store at an affordable price.



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Red Rose Box with Ferraro Rocher