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Elegant Spinel Package


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Elegant Spinel Package


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The Spinel package is a different and distinctive package from other traditional package forms, The bouquet is a small bouquet of roses featuring pink roses that capture hearts and eyes and are characterized by a fresh aromatic scent that makes you feel happy.

About the Elegant Spinel Package

  • The spinel bouquet consists of 20 pink roses with white gypsophilia sticks that add an irresistible aesthetic touch to the bouquet.
  • Roses are one hundred percent natural and this is what helps the bouquet to last long and maintain its splendor without withering.
  • The bouquet comes in elegant packaging and a tie in the same color as the rose.
  • It is a great gift on various occasions such as:
    engagement, marriage
    or birthday parties, congratulations on success and return from travel.

Elegant Spinel Package

Features of the elegant spinel package

  • The bouquet has a fresh aromatic scent that helps spread happiness and joy and boost positive energy.
  • A small rose bouquet has an elegant look that always attracts the owners of good taste and lovers of natural roses.
  • The overlapping colors in the bouquet between two different shades of pink and white always makes it attractive and cool.
  • This bouquet is one of the finest and most memorable gifts as well as suitable for all occasions.
  • It is available at an affordable price, do not hesitate now, and order it from

    the Azahir store

    , especially if you are looking for a distinctive gift that suits all tastes.
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Elegant Spinel Package