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Soft pink bouquet of roses


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Soft pink bouquet of roses


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The soft pink bouquet is considered one of the new bouquets of roses in the Azahir store, although it has a great demand due to its simple and delicate beauty, a very beautiful flower bouquet characterized by pink color and elegant packaging in the same color as the roses.

About Soft Pink Package

  • The soft pink bouquet has a very delicate pink color with green branches, which makes this bouquet a masterpiece.
  • The bouquet includes natural


    that have a distinctive fragrant scent.
  • The bouquet contains eight pink roses.
  • This
    can be offered on many occasions including: Engagements, graduation ceremonies and congratulations on a newborn.

Soft Pink Package Features

  • This bouquet is characterized by its attractive shape that captures hearts and minds.
  • The pink bouquet has a fragrant and distinctive aroma that makes the recipient feel joy and joy.
  • One of the most important features of this wonderful bouquet is that it contains natural roses.
  • A very beautiful bouquet of flowers is an ideal choice if you want to express to someone your feelings and gratitude.
  • A soft pink color means you have something important to say. It is often given to express appreciation and love, It is suitable for friendship or engagement occasions.



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Soft pink bouquet of roses