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Large bouquet of red roses


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Large bouquet of red roses


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A large bouquet of red roses, Azahir store offers you the best bouquets of roses, which is a red rose bouquet that includes 80 roses and is characterized by very elegant packaging, so it is one of the wonderful gifts.

About Large Red Joury Package

  • The bouquet includes 100 roses of natural roses that have a fragrant scent.
  • The red

    rose package

    comes with distinctive and elegant packaging.
  • This package is suitable for many occasions, as you can serve it for weddings, engagements and Valentine’s Day.
  • A large bouquet of red roses is one of the most beautiful and gentle things that can be offered to your beloved or girlfriend or loved one in general.

Features of a large red roses package

  • This bouquet features a distinctive red color that catches the eye so it is a great choice as a gift.
  • The bouquet features natural roses that last for a while in addition to the distinctive scent.
  • A large red rose bouquet features very elegant and elegant packaging.
  • This package is at the top of the list of women’s favorites in general.
  • Azahir store offers the best

    bouquets of natural roses

    with a distinctive smell at reasonable prices for everyone with elegant and attractive packaging.
  • You don’t have to worry about choosing the gift you want to give, through the Azahir store you can choose from a wide range of different bouquets of flowers.



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Large bouquet of red roses