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Bouquet of red roses golden envelope

350,00 ر.ق

The bouquet of red roses with golden envelope is the most beautiful red rose bouquet and a special gift, because it is beautiful in shape and contains natural red roses characterized by an attractive smell.

Bouquet of red roses golden envelope

  • This bouquet contains 14 roses of natural red roses with a long-lasting fragrant scent.
  • The packaging method is completely different and distinctive, Wrapped by gold-colored mesh that gives elegance and sophistication.
  • The
    of red roses with the golden envelope is one of the most beautiful and gentle gifts that can be given on all occasions, because roses give positive energy and help get rid of depression and stress.
  • This package is suitable for all occasions, weddings, engagements, graduation and birthdays.

Features of the bouquet of red roses golden envelope

  • The golden enveloping red rose bouquet is characterized by its fragrant scent, attractive shape, and elegant golden packaging that added luxury and sophistication.
  • The package is ideally priced that you will not find in other stores and is suitable for its wonderful size.
  • This bouquet is considered one of the best types of natural roses that are characterized by their fresh smell and that last for long periods without drying out.
  • This bouquet is the
    most beautiful red rose bouquet
    , so it is a perfect choice for gifts all the time.
  • Make this special package the first choice in the list of gifts that you can give to your wife or mother, Get it through Azahir, a store that specializes in delivering bouquets of flowers.


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