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Red Box Long Box


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Red Box Long Box


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The red box of the long box is one of the best bouquets of roses in the Azahir store that can be presented on many occasions, the most important of which is Valentine’s Day, A romantic red rose bouquet consists of a wonderful natural rose that has a fragrant scent.

About Red Roses Box

  • The box houses

    roses that have a more than wonderful scent and a very elegant appearance.

  • The bouquet
    consists of 17 red roses with a stunning roll that will appeal to everyone who looks at it.
  • The red rose roll inside the box is a very distinctive roll and is considered an elegant classic capable of mixing the luxury and sophistication of the past with the present.
  • The red Jouri box is one of the best gift options that is presented as a stunning bouquet of roses.

Features of the Red Jouri Fund

  • The rose box is characterized by containing natural roses that are not artificial.
  • This box has an elegant shape that is long and the roses are placed in a gradient which gives it more beauty.
  • It is considered the most beautiful romantic red rose bouquet that can be presented on Valentine’s Day, the celebration of the wedding anniversary and for the lover in general.

  • Al-Jouri Al-Hamar box

    is the best-selling product, so you can order it now immediately by going to the Azahir store and it will be offered to you in the shortest possible time and at an unbeatable price.



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Red Box Long Box