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Red Garden Package


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Red Garden Package


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The red garden bouquet is considered the best bouquet of roses containing a number of beautiful and attractive red roses, It is an ideal choice as a gift because it is distinguished by its elegant and unique shape.

About Red Garden Package

  • The bouquet consists of 18 roses of

    red roses

    that are distinguished by their beautiful aroma.
  • White gypsophylla sticks have been added, adding elegance to the bouquet.
  • The bouquet comes wrapped in dark red packaging and a brown tie for added luxury.
  • The package is very suitable to be presented at success and graduation ceremonies, weddings or engagements, family visits and patient visits, She is great on all occasions.

Red Garden Package Features

  • This bouquet is characterized by containing natural rose roses that have a fragrant aroma and attractive shape.
  • The best bouquet of roses is characterized by elegant packaging which makes it a wonderful and unforgettable gift.
  • The size of the bag

    is perfect and its price is affordable that you cannot get in any other store.

  • It’s an amazing choice as a gift that you can give on all occasions instead of being confused and thoughtful.
  • Choose the distinctive red garden bouquet provided by


    , a store specialized in distinctive and different flower bouquets in Qatar.



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Red Garden Package