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Pink Fairuz with vase


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Pink Fairuz with vase


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Pink roses Fairuz with vase Azahir store offers the most beautiful transparent glass rose vase that includes pink roses in color, characterized by simplicity and elegance, Natural roses

are one of the things that many prefer because of their positive atmosphere and mood improvement.

About Pink Roses Fairuz With Vase

  • The vase contains 10 roses of delicate and calm pink color.
  • Glass rose vase is a sophisticated gift for parents and people coming from travel or on visits, as it has an elegant and attractive appearance.
  • It can be placed on the table in any room that may give you joy and optimism.
  • Elegant transparent glass vase of suitable length and size.

Features of pink roses Fairuz with vase

  • Roses have a soft texture and a fresh aroma that will always make you feel positive energy and improve your psychological state.
  • It has a stylish appearance and a wonderful pink color with a refreshing and irresistible aroma, which helps to improve the psychological and health state of the person.
  • The vase

    is characterized by containing the finest and best types of roses

    , which are distinguished by their wonderful color, which helps to spread joy and happiness in the place.

  • Glass rose vase is one of the best gifts that correspond to the owners of good taste and lovers of natural roses.





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Pink Fairuz with vase