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Big Red Newspaper Package


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Big Red Newspaper Package


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Red Newspaper Package Azahir store offers you the most beautiful romantic bouquet of roses characterized by a fragrant smell and an elegant and distinctive shape, They are a great choice for Valentine’s Day, Wedding Day and engagement parties and can also be served on birthdays with a box of chocolates.

About the Red Newspaper Package

  • The bouquet consists of 32 roses of picturesque natural red roses.
  • Arranging the roses elegantly with distinctive packaging added an aesthetic touch, making it the most beautiful romantic bouquet of roses.
  • The
    comes in elegant newsprint packaging different from the rest of the traditional shapes, With a red ribbon for added elegance and beauty.

Features of the Red Newspaper package

  • The bouquet is characterized by wonderful natural roses that are characterized by a fragrant scent that lasts long.
  • The most beautiful romantic bouquet of roses is characterized by very elegant packaging, which makes it a wonderful and distinctive gift that you will never forget.
  • One of the most important advantages of the bouquet is that it contains

    natural rosehips

  • It is characterized by its large size for flower lovers and its ideal price, which you will only find in the Azahir store.
  • The large red newspaper bouquet is one of the most beautiful and luxurious bouquets of roses that you can present to flower lovers, as it is a perfect gift for them.
  • You can send it to your friends and loved ones with a love letter or a box of chocolates that will be a wonderful gift and completely different from the rest of the gifts.



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Big Red Newspaper Package