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Opal Beach Package


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Opal Beach Package


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Opal Beach is the best bouquet of flowers offered by Azahir store suitable for people with a delicate and delicate sense, It is a distinct choice if you choose it for your wedding to be the bride’s bouquet with a wonderful view, as it is presented with elegant packaging and more than distinctive.

About Opal Beach Package

  • It includes seventeen roses in the color of Jory Beach with a number of gypsophilia sticks.
  • This beach package is presented with an elegant roll that everyone who sees it will admire.
  • This
    of amazing roses is suitable for gifting on many occasions, As: Marriage and courtship celebrations, success, graduation ceremonies, and birthday gifts.
Opal Beach Package


Opal Beach package features

  • A beautiful bouquet of roses that has an elegant and wonderful appearance and is available at a special price.
  • The bouquet features beautiful colors of beach roses with white gypsophilia sticks.
  • The Opal Beach package is offered to you with a distinctive tie, so it is able to attract the eye of everyone who sees it and instantly impresses it.
  • They are the best option ever to use by the bride on her big day.
  • If you want extra shine, then you can serve

    the bouquet of roses

    with delicious chocolates.
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Opal Beach Package